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  • Capturing Moments

    So trust me, I know how important all those moments are to you. I’ve lived many of them and they are all beautiful, glorious, and unfortunately pass too quickly. As Mama’s & Wives many of us are trying to document all these moments, but it’s almost impossible for us to be in the photos with our little ones, or people we love. I want give you a opportunity to live in the moment and create memories with your family. Capturing kids ( or possibly men- sorry guys) is not any easy feat at any age, thats why it’s so important for me to engage your child, play with them on their level, and giggle right along with them. Even with dad’s getting them to interact or even just take the stress of everyday life away. We play chase, have a sword fight, and just tell funny stories. Trust me, nothing has ever looked more beautiful than when I am able to get you all to let down all the worries and show your family just as they are- PERFECT. What I promise to do for you is capture authentic moments, real cuddles, some chubby baby rolls of that new little one, the first moment you share your first kiss- married, growing round bellies, or that fresh new baby smell( haha- well almost.) Now what are you waiting for? Contact me today!

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