West Virginia Photographer

Alisa Elder

I love your work your pictures are amazing and so beautiful. The work you is
Phenomenal and Amazing your pictures don’t look like pictures they look like a piece of art. I am so amazed every time I get on Facebook and see a new family pictures you have taken. You are so talented in a photographer and person as well.


Wow, thank you so much! and Good luck 😉


I’m so proud of you. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you shoot down south.❤️


Thank you <3 I love you lots!

Heidi Woodward

I would love to win a mini session!!

Michelle Gibson

I love your photos. I feel you really capture the Beauty in the perosn and the area around them as well.


Thank you so much, good luck!

Saralisha Connolly

Happy birthday!
Fingers crossed for free mini session :))


Thank you, and good luck 😉

Adrienne Ammon

Following! LOVE your work! Happy birthday to Ashly Collins Photography!

Janie Pfeifer

Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to see all of them!


Thank you!! I can’t wait to show you all of the beautiful photos <3

Erica W

So neat that you have known our baby since Day 1. You met her the second we did!! Pretty special!


I feel pretty lucky to know her <3

Jennifer Singh

Your photos are absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to have a chance to get our photos done by you in the near future. It’s been way too long for us! 😊


I would be honored to shoot for you!

Nona Perkins

Ashly! Where do I begin? We were just looking for a fabulous photographer…What we found was a wonderful friend, someone who treats our baby like her own, and a photographer that goes out of her way to make our shoots special. I have literally loved EVERY photo you’ve ever taken of us! Congratulations on these upcoming ventures! I know you’ll rock it!


<3 Thank you for being such an inspiration and loving me with your whole heart!

Michele Walker

Where do I start. We had a sweet baby girl come into our lives on May 19 2015. We knew from the start that Ashley was the one we wanted to capture our sweet grand daughters first year. Ashley is amazing, she is kind and has the patience of a saint. Ashley’s work is stunning and I can’t thank her enough for the treasures she has given to us over the last 10 months. You have a great gift Ashley and I am so happy for you.


Thanks for all of the wonderful photos. They are best photos we have ever had take.



You’re work is phenomenal. When we moved to WV I was so devastated to realize we wouldn’t use our normal family photographer and that no one would compare. I was SO SO wrong. You have made this 2nd baby experience so wonderful, and my family loves you! I couldn’t imagine getting pictures by anyone else! Thank you for capturing my tiny family so meticulously and graciously, as if it were your own. You are amazing, and we are so glad you’re part of this adventure with us!

Andrea Gant

Oh Ashly, We are so happy for you! So glad you get this amazing opportunity! You deserve it! Love love my spring minis…can’t wait to get some of them hanging on my walls! ☺❤

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